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Sharing the Intuitive Heart

Using this Resource Handbook 7 Foundation Exercises for an Intuitive Heart Discovery Group Exploration One 15 Exploration Two 39 Exploration Three 73 Exploration Four 87 Exploration Five 107 Exploration Six 129 Appendix Articles about Intuitive Heart and Resources for Further Exploration Discovery of the Intuitive Heart 143 Introducing the Intuitive Heart 153 Reflecting on the Intuitive Heart 157 Heart as a Natural Intuitive 161 Memory Divination 171 Trance Channeling & Spirit Guides 181 The Dream Helper Ceremony 209 Dream Recall Hints 239 Intuitive Listening: Intimacy and ESP 241 Close to You: Subliminal Interactions 275 When Hearts are Joined 335 Inspirational Writing 347 How to Conduct the Dream Helper Ceremony 385 Intuitive Dream Interpretation 393 Skill Building Intuitive Heart Exercise Series 399
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