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Healers Workshop July 27 - August 2, 2014 Session FIRST DEPOSIT

Eight persons interested in self healing will spend six nights and five days in a Civil War era plantation house, enjoying three country gourmet meals a day, while exploring and experiencing the many dimensions of healing. We will explore the theoretical and practical framework for healing from both a psychic and spiritual perspective. We'll explore approaches to healing that maintain health of self while helping others. We'll develop the consciousness skills for both self-healing and for facilitating the healing of others. Each individual participant will receive individualized supervision in practicing various healing methodologies used by Janis and Henry.

The Reed workshops held at the Big House Lodge in Cedar Springs, Virginia, tucked between the heavens and the Blue Ridge mountains, provide a holistic learning and healing environment. Our hosts, Sandy and John LaPrelle, are experienced workshop leaders themselves, and they bring this supportive attitude toward the living accommodations, meals, and household experiences that create a special atmosphere for our programs. The daily schedule, including a morning blessing ceremony, twice daily meditations, relaxing strolls in the countryside, interweaves our classwork sessions and the family feeling around the meal table to create a full, balanced, and restorative day.
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