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Mandala Products

Mandala Meditation Show & Screen Saver

This CD contains more than 2500 mandalas that appeared from November 13, 2004 through November 13, 2011 at

Among these are more than 50 of Henry's original watercolor mandalas.

This special collection includes instructions that allows you full control of the meditation slide show and screen saver activity. You can set the size of the mandalas, and how soon they appear. You can also set it to simply display them for your meditative pleasure. The inventory of daily mandalas is fully customizable. You can delete any that don't appeal to you. What's more, along with your purchase, you can get a free subscription to the Daily Mandala and can continue to add them to your screens saver collection. There is no limit to the number of mandalas that your Daily Mandala Screen Saver can handle. It's simple to install, and then provides you endless pleasure, meditative moments and inspiration!

This product works with both Windows and Mac.

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