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The All Seeing Eye: A remote Viewing Omni-Reader

There is a full summary of every book published on remote viewing, plus summaries of several that preceded the use of the term, and some summaries of books that discuss remote viewing in a larger context of psychic research and application. There are also some special student projects as well as various book commentaries by Henry Reed.
Books summarized include: Mind to Mind. Rene’ Warcollier; Mental Radio. Upton Sinclair; Thoughts Through Space. Hubert Wilkins & Harold Sherman; Secret Vaults of Time. Stephan Schwartz; Mind Reach. Russell Targ & Harold Putoff; Mind Trek. Joseph McMoneagle & Charles Tart; The Stargate Chronicles. Joseph McMoneagle; Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul. Skip Atwater; Remote Viewing Secrets. Joseph McMoneagle; Remote Perceptions. Angela Thompson Smith; The Seventh Sense. Lyn Buchanan; Remote Viewers. Jim Schnabel; Limitless Mind. Russell Targ; Reading the Enemy’s Mind. Paul Smith; Mind at Large. Charles Tart, et. al.; Opening to the Infinite. Stephan Schwartz; The Conscious Universe. Dean Radin; Entangled Minds. Dean Radin
Henry Reed's commentaries include: A Spiritual Perspective on Remote Viewing; Remote Viewing Challenges Self-Actualization; Remote Viewing and Self-Realization; Remote Viewing is a Doorway to the Infinite; Get the Real Facts on ESP; Entangled Minds Awaken to Our Oneness; and his illustrated presenation, "Value Added Remote Viewing."
The anthology also includes two of Henry Reed's case studies of "entangled minds": ESP and Family Secrets; and Getting Steamed.
Student papers include: Project Blind Awareness, Applying Remote Viewing, and Journeys in Time and Space: Remote Viewing and Shamanism.
This Omni Reader contains 346 pages.
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