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Mandala Products

Mandala Canvas Medicine Bag Carry All

Our 100% cotton canvas tote bags have plenty of room to carry everything you need when you are on the go. They include a full side and bottom gusset and extra long handles for easy carrying. Measures 15" x 18" x 6"

I have several bags, each ready stuffed with a certain set of gear or art supplies, books or project. The mandala acts as a blessing and energizer for the valuables contained therein.

To choose your mandalas, please check my entire mandala catalog. For the most up to date choices, go see the "Archives" at The Daily Mandala blog. You may browse it, month by month, by going to


When you enter your order for a mandala product, be sure to enter the name of the desired mandala onto the comment box that appears on the order form near the end of the ordering process. If you are ordering more than one mandala product, please specify which mandala goes with which product.

Choose courier "Cafepress."
If you have questions about how to find, see, choose, or communicate your mandala choice, please feel free to email me at
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