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Video » Healing Presence

Healing Presence #1: The Spirituality of Healing

Video #1: The Spirituality of Healing

In this 120 minute, interactive video you will enjoy learning:
  • The Spirituality of all Illness and Problems
  • The Secrets of the Wounded Healer
  • How Homeopathy symbolizes a Spiritual Secret
  • How the Healer's Awareness Interacts with Illness in Another
  • The Alchemy of Healing Transformation
  • The Possibility of Spiritual Emergence in Illness
  • Reflect upon how the lessons you have learned from adversity
  • Explore your ability to accept the mystery of illness and healing
  • Discover the shadow side of life
  • Discover the light in the shadow
  • Explore your capacity for transformation
  • Reflect upon the heart's capacity for paradox
  • Learn the archetypal psyche's vision of healing

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