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Video » Dream Interpretation

Henry Reed's Dream Interpretation Workout

You've remembered a dream! Now, grab a pencil, a pad of paper, and put this video in your VCR. Dr. Reed will guide you step-by-step to an interpretation of your dream!

This 60 minute, interactive video offers seven tried-and-true techniques for interpreting your dreams. Developed from years of extensive testing, these techniques really work With examples at every point, all verbal instructions are presented visually. A serious tool with simple production values, it doesn't distract you into becoming a passive viewer, but encourages you to be an active participant and do the 'workouts.' The video is clear, easy-to-use, and meant to be viewed over and over again.

If you have a dream that you want to understand, this video is for you!

NOTE: This video comes as a DVD, each workout separately accessible. For $5 extra, you can have the VHS version, which does not have this capability. We no longer support this inferior version, that's why it costs more to duplicate.

Learn More About:
  • How the stories in your dreams reflect your life
  • How Dream Symbols can become sources of inner wisdom and guidance
  • How to program yourself for a more creative life through your dreams
Practice the 7 Steps to Dream Interpretation:

Workout 1
----The words in my dream
Workout 2
---The theme of a dream
Workout 3
---Interpreting dream symbols
Workout 4
---Insights from dream symbols
Workout 5
---Making a better dream
Workout 6
---Synthesizing dream realizations
Workout 7
---Understanding your dream through pictures

Interpret Your Dreams Using These Seven Powerful Techniques, A Video You'll Use Again & Again

Praise for Dream Interpretation Workout

"Unique!" *** - The Video Librarian"

"Perfect tool for taking a dream seriously" - The Leading Edge Review

"Well-structured and challenging" - The Association for the Study of Dreams

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