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Every issue of the magazine, Venture Inward, contains my book column. I have placed them here,  because these essays on books contain as much about me--my personal experiences and viewpoints--as they do about the books. I have used several of them in my teaching. You can browse through them, print them out, share them, as you wish.

Monistic Idealism Creates Confidence In Your Consciousness
How do you view reality?   Amit Goswami's book, The Self-Aware Universe: How Consciousness Creates the Material World (Tarcher/Putnam), applies paradoxes gleaned from quantum physics to revive a way of understanding the age old question of "What is real?"

Inside and Out, Boomers are Spiritual Seekers
What does the boomer generation hold near and dear? If you were born between 1946 and 1964 or want to understand those who were, Professor Wade Clark Roof has compiled the results of a massive study in  A Generation of Seekers: The Spiritual Journeys of the Baby Boom Generation (Harper San Francisco).

Shall Science Undergo a Sex Change Operation?
Has a predominant masculine focus blurred our vision of science for centuries? This is the message in Lifting the Veil: The Feminine Face of Science (Shambhala) by biochemist Linda Jean Shepherd, Ph.D. New visions and understandings are available if we choose to open to the feminine in all of us.

Call for Prophecy: Will the Future Rescue Itself From the Past Without War?
How will you face the future? With knowledge and foresight or screaming and kicking? Ingo Swann presents a vision and a helping hand in Your Nostradamas Factor: Accessing Your Innate Ability to See into The Future (Simon & Schuster).

If there's to be healing, then certainly we shall not survive intact
In The Healing Path: A Soul Approach to Illness (Tarcher/Putnam), Marc Barasch makes a compelling case for the ancient homeopathic secret that illness itself can be a cure.

Reality Isn't What it Used to Be
Another way of looking at "reality" might be to examine "what is true, and what is false."  If reality isn't a fixed thing as our current paradigm insists, then whole new types of realities spring forth. These different worlds are explored in New Metaphysical Foundations of Modern Science, edited by Willis Harman of the Noetic Sciences Institute.

Mayan Cosmos Mirrors Your Creation
Archaeologists David Freidel and Linda Schele's interpretation of the symbols in Mayan glyphs present the Mayan philosophy and lifestyle and note correlations between some of today's spiritual philosophies and that of this ancient culture.

Past Lives Present Learning Opportunities Today
Henry Bolduc, winner of the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame 1994 award for best writer, makes the statement "You don't have to take a stand on past lives in order to benefit from information the unconscious provides." What is important, it seems, is that you learn from having the experience.

Have We Met the Anti-Christ?
Naomi Shenstone Donnelley Professor of Historical Theology and the History of Christianity at the University of Chicago takes us on a journey of Judaeo-Christian debate and displays insight into the ways we have embodied evil in our spiritual lives.

The Spirituality You Can Recover from Dreaming
Shelly Marshall's book Your Dream of Recovery: Dream Interpretation and the 12 Steps (A.R.E. Press) provides tools to help us understand how spirit speaks to us in dreams, to help us to release ourselves from our attachments.


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