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"Hi There! So many people have suggested how wonderful it would be to have my mandalas on some item or other, t-shirts, mugs, and so on--you'd be surprised by all the different platforms folks have suggested for the Daily Mandalas.

Each mandala expresses something unique, with an energy that has impact. While one mandala might feel like a blessing to one person, it might feel like a curse to a different person. There is no "one image fits all" mandala that would be good to put on some object for sale.  "Mass produced" mandala imagery, although much more affordable, seems contrary to the intent of these mandalas, which are to bless the viewer with a prayer for both self-realization and the sharing of same with others. A person needs to be able to choose the mandala that feels right.

Now you can choose among more than 700 mandalas and choose among a growing selection of items in which you'd like to have that mandala manifested. I've chosen products that I find personally enjoyable and that carries a mandala in a way that I find attractive and energetically functional. Come, visit my mandala market and see what you think.


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