Empathizing with the Creative Dynamic in Dreams

To Innovate in Artistic Methodology

with Henry Reed, Ph.D.

Chestnut Creek School of the Arts

Galax, Virginia

March 17, 2018 1-5PM

Art Materials Provided.

Just bring yourself, an example of your art, and a dream*

* There's no need to bring a special dream, or a dream that relates to your artwork. A recent dream will do quite well. For assistance with remembering a dream, see below:


You can view some of Henry's Watercolors on his Facebook page

(go to photos, then albums)




Drawing by Mayan Artist Elizier Canul after discussing his dreams with Henry  (seen on bicycle) at Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Click on picture to see interview with Henry on his dreams and art

Dreams and art have in common their inherent creativity. Dreams have often provided the content for art. What is less known is that dreams can provide inspiration regarding the artistic method, guiding the artist to grow and innovate the technology behind the art production. This 4 hour workshop, designed for professional artists and others vitally committed to aesthetic creativity, will provide participants with hands-on experience in relating to dreams, not as psychological profiles, but as metaphoric stories with possible implications for the artist’s methodology.

This workshop will include a presentation of Henry’s own artwork from dreams, as well as exercises for the participants to begin to explore how it is possible to link dreams with art methods. The workshop is intended as a preview for a possible longer term class, in which each artist will receive individual attention and guidance in working from dreams. Artists of any modality whatsoever are eligible. During the half day workshop, we will restrict ourselves, for convenience, to marks on paper, and the material will be provided. Participants will each bring some sample, or other means, to demonstrate their particular area of artistic exploration.

The instructor, Henry Reed, Ph.D., is a research psychologist specializing in the experimental psychodynamics of creativity. He personally learned how to use watercolors from a series of dreams. You can see much of his work on his Facebook page (Henry Reed—click on photos, visit several albums). He has presented his dream related approach to art at the Virginia Beach Center for the Arts and at the William King Center for the Arts in Abingdon.